First blog post – Malifaux Nationals

Hi everyone. Thought it was about time we here at 2G1P got a place to scribble our thoughts down and do reports of attended tournaments for our various gaming systems. With that where better a place to start then the UK nationals for Malifaux hosted at Battlefield Hobbies in Daventry…… so here goes.

So myself (Lewis), Kai, Jamie, Palin and Dave Laing made the 7 hour trip down to our Air bnb, an hour from the venue, on the Friday. Nothing noteworthy about the travel, it was 5  men in a car, cramp and soreness ensued. We each set a wee personal goal in the car down, mine was a very ambitious top 15 finish out of the 124 people there. I also was trying to do this with Guild who aren’t considered overly competitive anyway, so a nice taxing task ahead.

Battlefield Hobbies was a good place with plenty of space for tables, up on the balcony where the top tables were was a bit warm and lacked a little space for putting your stuff down but overall the venue was good.

Day 1 of the tournament:
Round 1:
In this round I got to play one of the many players that had made their way across from mainland Europe, in this case Italy. Luca was a great opponent whose master of choice was Reva, who everyone and their granny seemed to be playing. On declaring ressers and me declaring Guild there was only one lady coming out to play in this match: Lady Justice. The pool was Standard deployment, Collect the Bounty with Show of Force (SoF), Inspection, Convict Labour, Occupy their turf and Leave Your Mark. I took SoF and Inspection as did Luca. I don’t remember too much of the details of the game apart from luca didn’t score a single strat point where I scored on 3 of the turns, I scored 2 for SoF where Luca scored 3 and I Scored 1 for inspection to Lucas 2. A narrow 6-5 win to the guild and a good start to the day.
Rest of team results: Jamie won, Palin Won 10-3, Dave lost a hard fought match to Josh Leak (top player) and Kai won aswell. A good start for the boys in pink

Round 2: Bugger, I’m now standing across from most peoples pick for  top Guild Player Matt Lewin. I had never met Matt before today and I must say he is a top bloke as well as a top player. As I said Matt and I both declared Guild, this could get interesting. The pool was corner deployment with Extraction, Exhaust their Forces, Neutralise the leader, Undercover Entourage and another scheme I forget. After a lot of ummming and ahhhhing about a crew I finally settled on Hoffman and friends, Matt opted for Nellie. Deployment didn’t go my way and my crew was funnelled in but that’s the nature of the beast. I took Neutralise which I scored 1 point for all due to a cheeky RJ damage off the mechanical attendant gun on Nellie. I also scored 2 for extraction and 0 for Undercover Entourage on Hoffman (after thinking id picked exhaust). Matt scored 4 for Extraction, 3 for Neutralise and 2 for Undercover Entourage on Nellie. The 9-3 score really doesn’t do justice to how tight the game actually was. Matt is a great player who was only too happy to help me analyse where I went wrong, so I learnt a lot from him in my young Guild career.
Rest of team results: Jamie won, Palin lost to Maria Wieland (top player) 6-4, Kai lost and Dave won.

Round 3: This was an odd round as it was using the old rulebook schemes, some people were happy about it, others not so much, I didn’t care aslong as the pool was made of the worst of the schemes (looking at you outflank). I got to play my 2nd game against one of the Italian contingent, against Alessandro and 10T Mei feng. The pool was Standard Squatters Rights with Line in the Sand (litS), Protect territory, power ritual, cursed object and Bodyguard. Playing Nellie myself in this game two schemes jumped right out at me, so I declared LitS and Protect territory where my opponent announced Protect. The usual squatters scrum happened with Nellie and Phiona taking turns and removing many summoned Komainu. Alessandro took cursed object which was a good choice for him. My original thoughts had been to use Lucius in this pool but unfortunately I left the doppelganger in Scotland so couldn’t 😦 At the end of the game I had scored 3 for each scheme and 3 for squatters and so had my opponent so a 9-9 draw went to TO Mike Marshall. This round really cemented how much Gaining Grounds 2016 improved competitive Malifaux as I believe a draw was the most common result from this round bar our team.
Rest of team results: Kai loss, Jamie loss, Palin loss 7-4, Dave loss.

Round 4: The last round of Day 1 and I was really starting to flag a bit now as were most people I think, in this round I got to play a lovely chap by the name of Will Finn-Lewis. I hadn’t been Wills original opponent but being paired against Alessandro again caused me to move down a table. The pool was Flank deployment with Interference, Hunting Party, Detonate the Charges, Convict Labour, Covert Breakthrough and Leave Your Mark. looking at the scheme pool I opted for Nellie again as detonate the charges is silly easy with her. I also chose Hunting Party as Will only took 2 models I’d need to kill. Will selected lilith for this game and opted for the same schemes as me. This was a fairly straight forward game for us both with the usual lilith shenanigans of pulling my crew to her and replacing it with nekima. In truth I think it was Wills inexperience of Nellie that helped me over the line just as much as it was my play. At the End I had scored 3 for interefence and 6 on schemes. Will scored 2-2-2 for a nice 9-6 win for me at the last hurdle of the day.
Rest of the team results: Jamie Win, Dave win, Kai loss, Palin win 7-6.

I ended day 1 on a 2-1-1 record which i was feeling positive about going into day 2. After the tabletop stuff had finished for the day Mike ran a team quiz which was very well recieved, we scored 17/30. After the quiz a few of us went out to a burger place that Josh had recommended to us all where i met my match in Jalapenos but thats a different story for a different time…

Day 2 of the tournament:
Round 5:
Day 2 started with me against Ben Panzer Harris. I’ve been at tournaments with Panzer before but we’ve never played each other before. Panzer has a bit of a reputation for killing his opponents crew off so my eyes lit up when Frame for Murder came out in the pool along with close deployment, the rest of the pool was made up of Guard the stash, Show of Force, Convict Labour, leave your mark and take prisoner. I went with Nellie again in this round and it went about aswell as i could of hoped against Panzers Mccabe crew. i scored 3 for SoF, 2 for frame and 3 for Guard the stash. i managed to ensure Panzer didnt score Leave your mark at all and kept him to 1 point for guard and 1 point for convict labour, giving me a 8-2 win. Panzer was a great guy to play against and was clear with me about everything throughout the game, hope we get a chance to play again in the future.
Rest of team Results: Kai win, dave loss, jamie loss and Palin a 9-9 draw.

Round 6:
Up against another name of Malifaux now in the form of James Doxey. I had only spoken to James over twitter before this event so meeting him and playing him was an absolute pleasure. For the 4th game in a row i took Nellie to the table as i was up againts 10 thunders again. In hindsight i think Sonnia was a better call for the game but thats something I can take forward with me. the pool in this one was Standard headhunter with Convict Labour, exhaust, hunting party , public demonstration and search the ruins?? (unsure on the last scheme). James selected Asami who in the short time since GenCon has become one of my tabletop nemises along with the Viks and Jack Daw as im still to record a win over any of them :(. James selected Hunting party and exhaust and so did I. we both scored 2 for headhunter, james scored 2 for exhaust and 1 for hunting party, whereas i scored 2 for hunting party and 1 for exhaust leaving a 5-5 draw. Ive still never beat asami though so this is a new goal.
Rest of the team results: Kai Loss, Jamie Loss, Dave Win, Palin Win 6-5

Round 7: The final round of the weekend saw me facing off against the Announcer himself Dom Westerland. Again ive been at events with Dom but never played him so this was a great game from that standpoint. The pool was Corner deployment with Stake a Claim, Show of force, Convict Labour, A Quick Murder,leave your mark. I was very much expecting Dom to play Zipp so was surprised when he announced Zoraida, however i think he was surprised when I announced McCabe instead of Nellie. We both took Quick Murder my target being McTavish and Doms being a Peacekeeper. the game played out very much in my favour with almost every flip of the game so i managed to make my way to a 7-0 win.
Rest of the team results: Dave Win, Jamie Loss, Kai Win, Palin Win 7-6.

At the end of the tournament I managed to come in at 22/124 so not the lofty heights of my target but still a very respectable result at my first GT. to say Im happy is a massive understatement and at time of writing its done enought to get me to masters reserves. fingers crossed.


Thanks for bearing with me throught this 🙂 feedback appreciated.




One thought on “First blog post – Malifaux Nationals

  1. Hi Lewis, I’m agree with you, GG2015 are not designed for competitive play (expecially when Protect Territory is in the pool). Anyway I think our game was tactically interesting. It was fun trying in any way to avoid eachother to score. Also Toshiro red damage on Nellie turned in black was one of the funniest moment in my tournament. I not so satisfied about my 7 games, I made some mistakes expecially on game 2 and 7 against good neverborn opponents, anyway I’m really happy for winning the painting competition. I hope will meet again next year. Ciao!


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